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> Zergon Bizsupport Private Limited

Zergon Bizsupport Private Limited

Zergon Bizsupport Private Limited

Professional Services / Research & Consulting Services
Delhi, India

At Zergon, we have devised an approach to your marketing activities, ranging from relevant inbound digital marketing to creating your authority in your niche, so you get exactly what you want to achieve.Incorporation, post incorporation, due-dilligence, audits, aren't they overwhelming when what you want is to only create value? Leave your compliance worries with us, and let us take the initiative to help and support you at every stage of this mammoth task.

The name “Zergon” is made up of two words “Zealous” which means passion and devotion and “Ergon” which means to work. These are the pillars which make Zergon. It is founded by two independent mavericks who think out of the box and are easily drawn to new ideas, radical thoughts and innovative ways of changing and doing things. Zergon was formed with the objective of providing one stop shop services to businesses. It assists in inception of businesses to creating their foot print in their respective industries. As of now Zergon broadly provides following services: Digital In-bound Marketing Market Research Social Media Marketing Legal Services Compliance Management Contract Management Real-Estate Consultancy- Establishing offices Accountancy Services

  • Incorporation Date


  • Turnover

    Less than Rs. 25 lac

  • No. of Employees

Service Provider , Professional

Private Limited Company


Unesco Appts. ,Delhi
Delhi - 110092

Primary office,

C-Block, Sector-31, ,Near City Centre, Noida
Noida - 201301

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Find out what other businesses
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Key Contacts


Ripple Nagpal

Ripple Nagpal/Chief Strategist | Co-Founder

Zergon Bizsupport Private Limited
/ Noida, India

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