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EBD Educational Pvt Ltd

EBD Educational Pvt Ltd

Education / Education Related Services
Dehradun, India

Established in 1986, EBD Educational Private Limited in association with Learning Forward India provides high-impact consulting services for partners with the tools to transform professional learning, increase educator capacity, and improve student achievement. We work very closely with our partner schools and assist in the Monitoring and Evaluation of the school improvement process.

Mission & Vision Our mission is to help provide better governance, good leadership and build professional learning communities at schools. Educational Philosophy My Good School works for the personal and social development of an individual by offering an environment where experiential learning is made possible through activities beyond just study; this brings to life learning that would otherwise be theoretical and uncoordinated. School teachers have the most important role in delivering quality education. There is an enormous paucity of good teachers, the only way out is in-service training and building a Professional Learning Community. The Learning Our work for The Fabindia Schools Programme, demonstrating excellence in school operations, involving the community and establishing a sustainable model for delivering good education in the villages of India, is now being replicated at a larger scale. We believe that the happiness of young people is in the hands of teachers and mentors, and we must do all to help them live their dreams by providing them with the best possible education. Taking ahead this vision and mission, we are working to provide affordable quality education in rural and urban India, by putting in place good systems, offering best in class training and ensuring that we have happy teachers to lead us. The Professional Learning Community Brewing Knowledge shows you how to plan, implement, and measure high-quality professional learning so you and your team can achieve success with your system, your school, and your students. We are a group of passionate educators working for professional development and assist our members, to leverage the power of professional learning to affect positive and lasting change.

  • Incorporation Date


  • Turnover

    Rs. 25 lac - Rs. 1 crore

  • No. of Employees


Private Limited Company


EBD Educational Pvt Ltd ,15 Rajpur Road
Dehradun - 248001

Primary office,

The Fabindia School ,Bali Boya Road
Pali-marwar - 306701

Primary office,

Padam Bahadur Mal Block ,596 Asian Games Village
New Delhi - 110049

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Key Contacts


Sandeep Dutt

Sandeep Dutt/MD, CEO

EBD Educational Pvt Ltd
/ Dehradun, India

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