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  • What is Calendar?
  • How can I send a Calendar invite?
  • How can I modify my Calendar invitations?
  • My web check-in & renewals are showing in my Calendar. I have not added them.
  • I am looking to set a meeting with my link but he/she seems to be unavailable at that time. Can I still schedule a meeting?


  • What is eBriefcase?
  • How can I upload a file on eBriefcase?
  • What type of files can I upload on GlobalLinker?
  • How secure are the files that I upload on eBriefcase?
  • Can "My Links" access the documents that I upload on my eBriefcase?

Website Builder

  • What is Website Builder?
  • Is purchasing a domain sufficient to get my business online?
  • How can I buy a website domain for my Company?


  • What is the eMail module?
  • How do I set up my email account on GlobalLinker?
  • How secure are my email credentials?
  • I have email accounts with Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook. Can I set-up all accounts?
  • I cannot sign in to my Gmail account. What should I do?


  • How do I invite my contacts on GlobalLinker?
  • How can I Network on GlobalLinker?
  • How may I find suppliers for a product or service?
  • How can I add new Links to my Network?
  • How can I remove a Link from my Network?

Biz Forum

  • What is Biz Forum?
  • How can I read articles of my interest?
  • How and where can I post comments?
  • How may I write articles for GlobalLinker?
  • What happens when I select an article or a discussion as a favourite?


  • What is Biz Offers?
  • Where can I access offers marked as favourites on GlobalLinker?


  • Where can I view my pending order?
  • How do I find a product to buy?



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