Jet Airways GlobalLinker
Jet Airways GlobalLinker

Booking Tickets

  • I am unable to add passengers/members.

    Jet Airways offers special rates on tickets to Members of Small and Medium Businesses on Jet Airways GlobalLinker. Hence, only the Members of Jet Airways GlobalLinker can book tickets on this forum. In order to book tickets for your company staff, they will first need to create their individual accounts on Jet Airways GlobalLinker. Your colleagues may follow simple Sign Up steps to create their individual account and join your Company on Jet Airways GlobalLinker.

    You also have the option to extend an invitation to such contacts to join Jet Airways GlobalLinker by performing the following:

    • Post signing in, select Network from the Menu
    • Select 'Invite to GlobalLinker' from the right, enter details of the contacts you may want to invite to Jet Airways GlobalLinker and click on 'INVITE'

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