10 important lessons to live a meaningful life

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Sandeep Barua

4 days ago — 2 min read

Life is full of lessons to learn and indeed it’s an amazing realisation that each day brings a unique opportunity to grow. There are numerous books and articles that teach various techniques and methods for leading a meaningful life. It is therefore rather difficult to select the most crucial principles of happy living. However, the 10 lessons given here may very well be what most successful people often follow.

1. Avoid stress: Let go of stress because increased stress simply leads to wrong decisions. Take rest if required rather than push your limits unduly.

2. Practice gratitude: Live a life with an attitude of gratitude always.

3. Appreciate little joys of life: Appreciate the small and beautiful gifts of life rather than the bigger one. A bright sunny day, raindrops in the garden or anything else that make you wonder about the beauty of existence.

4. Learn to accept: Acceptance is a very difficult task but when practiced it’s the essence of life.

5. Focus on fitness: Challenge yourself to a physical mission. Participate in a marathon, ride the cycle, go kayaking, hiking or anything else.

6. Give back to nature: Always and each time give back to nature and the environment in any way possible.

7. Help the less fortunate: Do something for the underprivileged in a small way but with a sincere consciousness.

8. Read inspiring books: Books can open a whole new world for us. Read books that inspire your thoughts and help you channel your positivity.

9. Spend time with family: A harmonious family life can go a long way in adding meaning to your life. Spend quality time with family and see yourself grow immensely.

10. Value the present moment: Appreciate your present life & existence since it’s the seed that will germinate the future.

In the rush and tumble that comes with modern living, it becomes very important to find ways to live meaningfully. Aspiring to that and taking concrete steps towards that goal will give you a sense of wellbeing that very few other things can. Follow these steps to live a better, wiser and a more well-rounded life.


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